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Symphony No. 1, Opus Organ Solo Symphony No. 1, Opus Expertly arranged Organ Solo by Louis Vierne from the Kalmus Edition series. This is from the Romantic and 20th Century eras. Read more . No. 2, Opus Organ Solo.

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This product highlights the following developmental wonders:

Baby Loves Structural Engineering! Big, brainy science for the littlest listeners. Parents and caregivers may learn a thing or two, as well! Baby Loves Green Energy! Accurate enough to satisfy an expert, yet simple enough for baby, this clever board book explores the climate of our planet and the need to protect it for all babies.

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Parents and caregivers may learn a thing or two as well! Baby Loves Coding! Accurate enough to satisfy an expert, yet simple enough for baby, this clever board book showcases the use of logic, sequence, and patterns to solve problems. Can Baby think like a coder to fix her train? As a precursor to learning programming languages and syntax, Baby Loves Coding presents the concepts of sequencing, problem solving, cause and effect, and thinking step-by-step. Practicing these skills early creates a solid foundation for reading, writing, math and eventually, programming. Baby Loves Gravity!

Accurate enough to satisfy an expert, yet simple enough for baby, this clever board book explores the ups and downs of gravity.

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When baby drops food from a high chair, why does it fall? Baby Loves Quantum Physics!

Can cat be awake and asleep at the same time? With tongue firmly in cheek, the Baby Loves Science series introduces highly intellectual science concepts to the littlest learners. Baby Loves Thermodynamics! Bold black-and-white images stimulate the development of the optic nerves. Stronger signals mean more brain growth and faster visual development.

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If your baby is able to focus on one object, information about that object gets to the cortex. Coincidentally, this will form a pathway for stimulating brain growth. Tracking is when your baby moves his eyes to follow an object. Tracking helps your baby to learn where an object is in space and how it differs from its background so that he can reach for it.

He discovers that objects have permanence by seeing that they move, yet remain the same.

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Since you are using high contrast which the baby prefers, the baby will more likely follow the object for longer periods of time with ease. To start with move objects left to right.

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Near 3 months, you can start to move objects up and down. Once your baby masters following these movements, the last directions to try are horizontal tracking skills. When parents place high contrast objects around the baby during tummy time, the child focuses on the objects for longer periods of time and stays content. Last but not least, when you are intentional about using black, white and red items you will find that your baby is content in their environment. This is because they are soothed by the high-interest contrast that holds their attention.

Above all, research has shown that these color patterns cause babies to relax.

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Keep high contrast items in your diaper bag to bring out during long waits and in the car for longer trips. We personally used high contrast books for babies and other black and white items with our children, we give them as gifts and have recommended them to expectant friends. The choices below are from all of those involved. Let it be known that I am an Amazon Affiliate.

The first 3 are the best black and white books for newborns. This black and white book for infants folds out accordion style and is great for tummy time.

Finger Puppets are a HIT for a long time! We still use ours. Importantly, reading nursery rhymes helps to stimulate a babies interest in sounds, and to develop listening skills. Additionally, singing the nursery rhymes helps to develop early language skills, and strengthens the emotional bond between a parent and their baby.

Baby Sensory - Black White Red Animation - 46 Minutes Little Duck - Stop Crying Baby

Particularly, I love Manhattan Toys, and this mat is a must. We used it on the seat in the car for Baby to stare at from car seat. Not to mention, this mat has a hidden mirror for a peek-a-boo effect, along with a teether, squeaker, crinkle paper, and jiggle pull ring and 2 magnets for attaching to magnetic surfaces! As you can see, there are many benefits to using high contrast books for babies along with all the other cool items that are now offered to parents.

Now it is up to you to choose some items for your baby.