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Symphony No. 1, Opus Organ Solo Symphony No. 1, Opus Expertly arranged Organ Solo by Louis Vierne from the Kalmus Edition series. This is from the Romantic and 20th Century eras. Read more . No. 2, Opus Organ Solo.

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I notice that there is a spate of modern parody versions of children's books where any political incorrectness is ironed out. Thank you so much for those kind words. I was only looking at the Ladybird books in W. Hi Barbara, Golly! You are not wrong Lovely to see you back at my blog, I've missed your comments. That look on his face while drying the dishes Totally precious are these characters, and preserved in the safety of a real book, these thoughts and ideas, drawings and characters pop out of the pages to remind us to use our imaginations and smile.

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And dear friend, thank you for visiting my Instagram! So funny to think of you doing the dishes with that look on your face Anita. You do make me smile! Your Instagram photographs are so beautiful I always love looking at them. Thank you for visiting me today. I hadn't caught that until you mentioned it about the color of the pigs.

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I too wonder these days if it would be politically incorrect and if someone would have taken the author to task about it. It does sound like a delightful story though! Hello Betty, I have a feeling the images would change if the book were ever to be republished. Quite honestly I prefer the original versions.

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They were the ones I grew up with and the ones I still love, but I understand times and attitudes change. Thank you for your return visit, Barbara. These illustrations are adorable. Fun to compare M. Kaye's writing style in her children's works to her adult novels.

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My first thought was only 8 pigs and are they all girls? And then, ah, even the boys wear dresses and the 9th pig is the black sheep. Looks like the boys can get their dresses dirty, but the girls must wear aprons. Unless the author described the other 8 as being pink, maybe it was the illustrator's way to make Perkin stand out.

If it was anything like today's picture books, usually the author doesn't see the illustrator's choices until they're completed. Interesting to analyze! I have a lovely photo of my dad wearing long socks, lace-up shoes and a dress. He was born in , and I would guess the photograph was taken in I always assumed authors and illustrators collaborated on the pictures. Thanks for your visit x.

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I think the illustrations are so well done. I hadn't heard of this book before, but enjoyed looking through it here on your blog. Hello Stephanie, you are right about styles changing over time. I have a photo of my dad when he was a young boy, and he too looks just like a girl. How lovely. Books of this age have a certain innocence about them that I find so endearing. And what wonderful illustrations. Ooh, perhaps politically incorrect, I reckon. But I like how Perkin was such a rebel. The way he said 'Shan't! Thank goodness the squirrel was a good sort! Oh Claudine, how could you - poor Perkin ending up as a Pork Pie?! Thanks for making me laugh. Lovely, lovely book politically correct or not! The story, just what we loved and had us on the edge of our seats as children and we did not come to any harm from hearing it! Really enjoyed this blog sister; one of my favourites.

Sue xxxx. Thank you Sue, I found this one quite difficult. Love the illustrations and story! Hard to know what she the author was thinking when coming up with a way to differentiate between the good and bad pigs Guess she could have used spotted pigs! Interesting to read her bio though, last year watched "Indian Summers" drama on PBS station, it was quite interesting to learn a bit about how things were during that time period. They usually do a fair portrayal of events. Have a wonderful weekend, hope you are enjoying some sun and warm days!

Thanks for your thoughtful comment Diane. I have to admit I didn't think how difficult it might be to distinguish the boy pig from the girls.

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I suppose he could have been dressed in blue and the girls in pink but even that might be considered offensive by some. Indian Summers sounds interesting I must look out for it. Have a great weekend. Cute little Perkie is like me and I'm the blacksheep of the family. Just naturally politically incorrect all the time. Heck, my mother named me Eve! I might have known it was all down to you Eve! Once a blacksheep always a blacksheep. Wonderful illustrations : I wish more kids books these days would have similar illustrations. I loved these illustrations and your shelves sound like holding some gems for sure!

Oh dear friend, thank you for coming to visit my blog! Sweet dreams and dream of flowers, kindness, pretty shoes I wouldn't miss your blog for the world Anita, it is one of my favourite places on the web. Hi Barbara, Beautifully crafted and illustrated stories. Black Bramble Wood by Mollie Kaye, it brings back the magic of my quintessentially English childhood. Thank you for highlighting this. A pleasant day to you, Barbara. I will be over directly! Enjoy the rest of the week, Barbara. Hello Barbara, what a lovely story and illustrations. Yes the illustration of a black pig is probably politically incorrect but what an adorable story and character.

Absolutely Shashi! I think the little black pig is adorable, but then I would also think that if he were pink! I really appreciate your comment. Thank you! Barbara xx. Black Bramble Wood is a gloomy sort of place, inhabited by all kinds of creatures but none as scary as Mr.

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