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Sheep Production - With Information on the Breeding, Care and Management of Sheep

Aquaponics Fertilizing. Timothy Tripp. Michelle A. Old Natural Ways. Plants That Can Kill. Stacy Tornio. Elizabeth Bolling. Peggy Carlson. Michael Stones. Presently, more than sheep producers in Manitoba are producing sheep products including quality lamb meat, and wool.

Problem of Inbreeding in Sheep, Gestation, Lambing and Lamb Care

The majority of the lambs produced in Manitoba are shipped live to the Eastern as well as to the Western markets. Local demand for fresh lamb within the province is also increasing. Manitoba sheep industry mainly based on two types of production systems including: extensive and intensive. In extensive or range type production system sheep are usually raised on the pasture throughout the year except during severe cold conditions.

In intensive production systems the sheep are raised in controlled but clean and well ventilated barns to maximize the productivity. Both systems carry their own merits. Cold weather conditions during winter have never been a barrier for the growth of sheep industry in Manitoba.

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  7. Find other information on financial assistance , wildlife damage compensation , environmental programs , animal health and on farm food safety. The key for the success of a sheep operation is the breeding program complemented with efficient reproductive management. Selective breeding with sound planning produces good healthy lambs and other sheep products fit for any market. Links below provide information and resources to plan for breeding and reproduction. Manitoba sheep producers have year round access to a variety of reasonably priced, locally grown forages and feed grains barley, wheat, oats, corn, etc.

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    Feeds and nutrition is the major expense on a sheep operation. The following information help to provide nutritionally balance and cost efficient feed for sheep flocks. A properly managed sheep operation in all its aspects is important for the sustainability and profitability of the farm. Each sheep farm is managed differently specific to the goals of the operation.

    To maximise the profits of a sheep operation timely management of breeding, lambing, health and feeding areas is the key. Following information provide the tools to manage different phases of production.