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Symphony No. 1, Opus Organ Solo Symphony No. 1, Opus Expertly arranged Organ Solo by Louis Vierne from the Kalmus Edition series. This is from the Romantic and 20th Century eras. Read more . No. 2, Opus Organ Solo.

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You have a few intuitions. You propose a few theories that fit them. Of course, things are more complicated than this. We are sensitive to counterexamples raised by others and wish to accommodate or explain away an ever-wider base of intuitive starting points. And a great deal of the action occurs in rational reflection that can alter what is intuitive, and in theorizing that overturns formerly justified beliefs and moves us to new justified beliefs.

Details aside, this method in ethics and elsewhere—of first relying on intuitions to form justified beliefs, and subsequently using best-fit or reflective equilibrium theorizing on all justified beliefs to move to other justified beliefs—has received a lot of critical attention lately. But it is not a bad method. It is a good method caught in a bad relationship. For its presumptive metaethical companion, realism, would have us believe that intuitions support beliefs about real, stance-independent facts of the matter.

That strikes many as dubious. After sorting through some relevant concerns in this vicinity, I argue that the solution is not to reject intuitional methods but to embrace quasi-realism.

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Moral Projectivism in Meta-Ethics. Quasi-Realism in Meta-Ethics. Edit this record. Mark as duplicate. Find it on Scholar. Request removal from index. Revision history. Configure custom resolver. Expressivism and the Reliability Challenge. Quasi-Realism's Problem of Autonomous Effects.

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Sergio Tenenbaum - - Philosophical Quarterly 53 — Entry on Inutitionism in Ethics. Robert Frazier - manuscript. Philosophical Intuition and the Need for an Explanation. Alexander S. Harper - manuscript. Intuitional Epistemology in Ethics. Matthew S. Bedke - - Philosophy Compass 5 12 Saving the Ethical Appearances. Michael Ridge - - Mind Lewis and Blackburn on Quasi-Realism and Fictionalism.

Translated by Jacques Barzun and Ralph Bowen. Findlen, P. Humanism, politics and pornography in Renaissance Italy. Fitting, P. Utopian Studies, 11 1 — Hellman, R. Fabliaux: Ribald Tales from the Old French. Thomas Y. Crowell, New York, NY. She didn't know what she had been wishing. Finally she said, That we hadn't told the others about our engagement, that we'd kept it to ourselves for a while.

I wish we weren't having this engagement party. It's just family and friends. There's been no official announcement made, Chet reminded her. I know. She usually had no difficulty in expressing herself, but the uncertainty of her own thoughts made it impossible. Something was bothering her, but she didn't know what it was.

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It wasn't as if she hadn't waited a proper time before deciding to marry again. It had been two and a half years since Blake had disappeared and a little more than a year since the South American authorities had notified her that they had found the plane wreckage and there had been no survivors. And it wasn't as if she didn't love Chet, although not in the same tumultuous way she had loved Blake. This was a quieter and gentler emotion, and probably deeper. Darling— his smile was infinitely patient —we couldn't keep our engagement from our family and friends.

They need time, too, to get adjusted to the idea that you soon won't be Mrs. Blake Chandler. The door to the library opened, and an older woman dressed in black was framed in its jamb.

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An indulgent smile curved her mouth as she spied the embracing pair. Dina stiffened for an instant in Chet's arms, then forced herself to relax. We've been wondering where the two of you had gone, the woman chided them. It's time you came back to the party and received some of the toasts being made. We'll be there in a minute, Mother Chandler, Dina replied to the woman who was Blake's mother, her mother-in-law.

Norma Chandler was the epitome of a society matron, belonging to all the right garden clubs and fund-raising organizations for charity. Her role in life had always been the traditional one, centered around her home and family.

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With both husband and son dead, she clung to Dina as her family and to her home as security. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Romance. Save For Later. Create a List.

Strange Bedfellow by Janet Dailey. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. So, enjoy, and happy reading to all! Yes, Dina nodded, unaware of the sigh in her voice, or how forced her smile looked. I was thinking. I know, she sighed. Of course you are. But Dina felt old, old beyond her years.

It got me you. And I know I agreed willingly to this engagement, she admitted. I wasn't sure. And I still don't know if I'm sure. Her voice was flat.

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Dina didn't find the necessary reassurance in his words. Look— Chet turned her to face him —I was Blake's best friend. And when we were notified that he'd been kil— The rest of her words were silenced by his firm kiss. Feel better?

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His fingers returned the caress by tracing the curve of her cheekbone. What were you thinking about when I came in? Her hand slid to his shirt, smoothing the collar.