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Symphony No. 1, Opus Organ Solo Symphony No. 1, Opus Expertly arranged Organ Solo by Louis Vierne from the Kalmus Edition series. This is from the Romantic and 20th Century eras. Read more . No. 2, Opus Organ Solo.

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Choosing a winner was tough, but in the end the nod goes to Patrick. OK, Patrick. Ever thought of holding a meeting in the US? I would be willing to host the meeting at my beach manse on the ocean on the east coast of Florida. The cost would be a fraction of international travel, and those on a tight schedule would appreciate the abbreviated travel time. Exotic overseas locales are nice, but ultimately attendees are interested in gaining knowledge with like-minded individuals without having to burn through that precious FIRE savings.

Just a thought. Chautauqua was conceived as an event to hang out in a cool place with cool people to discuss cool things. The exotic venues are part of the magic. While there is certainly a place for an event such as you describe, we have our hands full keeping up the the demand as it is. BTW, while we limit attendees to 29, by the time you add in the speakers and team we have about 40 people at the events. Send me an email, and I can fill you in with the details on the house and area. I understand that you have your hands full with upcoming Chautauquas but was wondering if you would be interested in collaboration to support the establishment of a locally-run trial event here?

The time is right for a high quality event here I have no doubt it could be structured to be a very profound and life-changing for participants. The logo shows the world upside down which means to me that the way you do things is opposite to the path that the world is currently going in. Freedom is more valuable than material items, security regardless if the world is turned upside down or not.

You can make a good life the way you choose, not how it is dictated by the world. I think my husband would love your book. He has said the same thing about investing, but you give more detail that he would enjoy. As for retiring early, He is a professor, and the wonderful thing is that he loves what he does, and would find a way to do it after he retires and that is why he works.

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That said, I would strongly discourage anyone with debt to spend money coming to Chautauqua, or on anything else for that matter other than paying off that debt. As for the cost, Chautauquas are designed to be exactly what I want them to be and they cost what it takes to make them that way. So I created it.

It sold out in three weeks and we had a waiting list of people wanting to come. Every year since then it has sold out even faster and the wait lists are longer. Already we cannot accommodate all those who wish to experience it.

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Is it expensive? For some who come, it is a large, carefully considered expense. For others, the price is pocket change. Money is relative. But in all cases, attendees report their expectations exceeded and having received great value for their money. It clearly has the continents pushed together in a manner that is very different from that which currently exists, regardless of your orientation relative to the planet.

How about SE Asia as a destination for one of these? Kick off your geoarbitrage adventure in style! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Note: As of Feb 4th, Portugal is sold out. Second… That is the brand new Chautauqua logo at the top of this post. Coming close to the mark matters, but so will wit and humor.


JD joins us for Portugal Week 2. Join me in Portugal for Chautauqua Want to know more about these rascals?

Bogle passes. We wish you could return as well! Hanging out with awesome people like you guys is what it is all about.

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Absolutely — hanging out with awesome people who just get you is what its all about. Jim — feel free to delete if you would rather not have contact details appearing here. We have to think about revisiting that timing. Thanks for the reminder! The venues and logo looks awesome! We are hoping to make our first Chautauqua. Chicago is my home town. June in the UK should be warmer.

See you there! And maybe the greedy capitalists will fall off. Mwah Ha Ha! You might want to see my handwriting before you decide. Blazek said one of the best features of ARTcrawl is that it is a free, informal way for local residents to see what the arts community has to offer. Your email address will not be published. Head Office 71 Sass Rd. Follow chathamvoice. Sort by. Top-rated Most recent Top-rated. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Format: Kindle Edition All formats Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

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